Equality Fun Competition

Rivoli Ballroom, 350 Brockley Road, London SE4 2BY

Saturday 5th October 2024:   14.00-18.00

The next Equality Fun Competition will take place at the Rivoli Ballroom on Saturday 5th October 2024. It’s an informal and fun practice competition for starter, beginner and improver same-sex and equality dancers.

There will be no B or A class in the graded Ballroom and Latin competitions. Couples are kindly requested not to enter in a competition in which they have previously competed in B class or higher (classification in senior categories excluded), however you may enter another competition in which you have not previously competed in the higher classes (ie if you ordinarily dance in B Ballroom you may enter the Latin competition if you have not competed in B or A class). All dancers are welcome to enter all other fun dance categories (no classes).

*Please note that the Rivoli Ballroom does NOT allow drinks to be brought in from outside – There is an extremely well stocked cash bar inside. Please do not bring drinks into the venue as they will be disposed of at entry….We’re giving you the heads up!

The dances for 2024 will be as follows:

    • Change Partner Cha Cha Cha (No partner needed)
    • Same Sex Rumba C and D Class
    • Starters Cha Cha Cha (any gender)
    • Paso Doble (any gender)
    • Same Sex Jive C and D Class
    • Mayfair Quickstep (any gender)
    • Quarantine Cha Cha Cha (solo competition)
    • Salsa (any gender)
    • Rio Cha Cha (solo competition)
    • 6 Legged Jive (3 people dancing together of any gender)

Short Break

    • Change Partner Waltz (No partner needed)
    • Saunter Together (any gender)
    • Same Sex Quickstep C and D Class
    • Starters Waltz (any gender)
    • Viennese Waltz (any gender)
    • Same Sex Tango C and D Class
    • Isolation Samba Line Dance (solo competition)
    • Argentine Tango (any gender)
    • 6 Legged Rumba (3 people dancing together of any gender)The above categories are subject to change.


    1. Starter Competitions are for competitors who have never danced with a partner in a competition of any style
    2. Graded competitions are for D and C Class only
    3. All other categories are open to all classes
    4. All competitors must be 16 or above

The Team

It takes the work of a really great team to deliver the Equality Fun Competition and we are pleased to be working with the following people:

MC: Pete Meager

Chair: Malcolm Hill

Adjudicator: TBC

DJs: Lou Lou Savoy & David Jameson


We really need volunteers to help make the event successful. If you are interested in volunteering for our team on the day then please drop us an email
[email protected].